Solutions for Conveying & Material Handling  
Bump Turn

Rotate product to make ready for collection

The Bump Turn runs either as a stand alone unit or inline with inkjets, tabbers, folders, stitchers and trimmers. This product takes material as it is originally presented and rotates it 90 degrees either right or left to make it ready for collection. Fast and simple to integrate, you can run up to 30,000 pieces per hour helping to increase productivity while reducing labor costs. Features include angle adjustments, left and right bump turning, variable speed and multi-bump positioning.

The Bump Turn provides smooth transition at high speed.

Feedable Material – Tri-fold, bi-fold, quarter fold, thin magazines, letter folds, leaflets, z-folds, hangers, pamphlets.

Offset Sorter System

The New Sorter System brings a superior level of offset sorting to your mail shop. This innovative design accurately offsets mail pieces from your existing equipment. 9’ Conveyor, solid body construction and adjustable height are standard.

Bulk Loader

The Sure-Feed Bulk Loader creates high-capacity product loading into existing production streams where high-speed operation requires constant reloading of materials. Ideal for the Pitney Bowes FlowMaster® Inserter, the Bulk Loader will provide extend periods of run time before reloading is required. It is available in 6 and 9 foot lengths, is completely stand-alone, and easy to operate.

Flexible Inkjet Transports and Dryer Bases

Print, scan and label

The Flexible Inkjet Transport is a flexible, lower cost-of-entry inline or standalone print solution built on a compact vacuum base table system that is perfect for those with limited space. Easy to set-up and operate. The system processes material at speeds up to 16,000 mail pieces per hour.

This system includes optional scanning and diverts capability. Flexible Inkjet Transport adds more value to your operation.

This product is TUV/CE certified.

Stand-Alone, Speed Up Conveyor

Used to accumulate shingled product from an inkjet/tabber, this conveyor has variable speed capability with 100 feet per minute maximum speed. 90 degree product knockdown is standard. Straight away configuration is available.


Belt Turnover

Creating in-line applications with a simple turn

Easy to integrate and fast to set-up, the Belt Turnover helps increase productivity by turning material directly from your in-line inserter face up to be metered, printed or labeled. Handles all sizes up to 10” x 13”. Equipped with 2 1/4” wide grip gum belts (helping to handle glossy products), clear, durable lexan covers, open cover sensor and an extended support rod, providing greater control (up to 11” wide material). Adjustable belts are included to increase belt to product friction, helping eliminate “slip feeding”.

Options - Left to right or right to left product output capabilities.

Feedable Material - Flats, postcards, #10 envelopes, folded booklets.

Flexible Bindery Interface

Increase productivity by automating processes, consolidate workcells and expand services

The Flexible Bindery Interface is easy to set up and requires minimal operator training to run. It can help align your existing bindery interface so that folded material feeds directly into a high speed inserter’s enclosure feeder all inline. The input allows you to replace multiple manual loading and transport processes with a seamless material flow at speeds up to 14,000 mail pieces per hour.

The Flexible Bindery Interface enables workcell integration in your mail operations. It delivers new opportunities to consolidate floor space and establish a more ergonomic and productive working environment that helps maximize savings with reduced operational costs.

Flexible Bindery Interface with Crossflow Aligner Table

The crossflow aligner table provides even more flexibility for the Flexible Bindery Interface by providing the ability to receive products in a two up fashion and automatically process and load in a single stream.




Labeling Series

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