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Packaging Feeder Series

Automate wrapping, inserting, traying and fulfillment applications at
speeds up to 60,000 per hour

Our Packaging Feeder Series takes applications that were labor intensive and helps them run smoother, increasing productivity. These friction feeders are available in either a single shot on demand (PS) or the batch counting option (PC). Each feeder easily integrates into your existing
packaging line and helps deliver product into a predetermined position on
the host machine.

The batch counting option (PC) comes with an easy-to-read, user friendly interface to program specific job requirements. The auto restart option can be activated to count out a pre-set count, pause for pre-determined time and then automatically restart to maximize output from the feeder to the application.

Each feeder includes Dynamic Rotation Technology® rotators, time delay, auto restart, single shot, anti-glaze belt formula, business card guides, variable speed control and miss and double detect that will either stop the host machine or send a signal to activate a divert station. These feeders are available in widths ranging from six to 18 inches.




Labeling Series

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